5 Tips to Prep Your Homes Plumbing for Maximum Summer Fun

Summer is around the corner, and that equals barbecues, graduation parties, Fourth of July fun and other outdoor gatherings are probably part of your seasonal schedule. But before you finalize your summer calendar, you’ll want to ensure your plumbing system is equipped for higher use.

A plumbing problem while having guests is an annoyance that will certainly weaken your summer groove. So, the team at Komfort Air Service Experts, the nation’s trusted name for plumbing, heating and cooling repairs and maintenance, has offered some worthwhile plumbing maintenance tips. Handle them now to better assure your summer schedule will be as relaxing as intended.

Little girl playing in water

1. Test your hose spigot, sprinkler and irrigation systems

After winter and holiday indoor parties, it’s easy to neglect the plumbing surrounding the outside of your home. But it’s actually a great place to start your plumbing maintenance and review. Worn sprinkler heads will have to be replaced, as they’ll soon be depended on more heavily to keep your grass healthy and your kids cool as they repeatedly sprint through them for a mid-day refresher. Underground sprinkler and irrigation lines should also be assessed for leaks as well as your hose spigot too. While exterior hose spigot leaks might be obvious to spot yourself, a professional can warn you of ones that may occur on the inside of the wall, too.

2. Clean and unclog bathroom and kitchen drains, inspect fixtures

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common spaces for a plumbing emergency. You can begin your evaluation by clearing away all items beneath sinks to examine drain pipes and the bottom of faucets for leaks. Your cabinets might present clues as well. Mildew, warped wood and old drip spots are signs of leaks from either drain pipes or fixtures. Fill sinks with water and monitor how easily the drain functions. All clogs and leaks should be addressed straight away by a professional, and you won’t want to fall back on liquid agents as a long-term answer for clogs either.

“We strongly discourage homeowners from tackling drain problems with a liquid agent. They may address the clog, but they may also damage plastic or metal pipes,” said BJ Richardson of Komfort Air Service Experts. “A professional can clean out all your drains, fix a bad one and bring peace of mind with a warranty.”

3. Don’t forget your sump pump

Summer produces mild weather but also heavy rain in a few sections of the country. Those rains can result in floods in basements if your sump pump is not working correctly. A properly functioning unit reduces the potential for mold and water damage that may develop even from minor soil seepage throughout the year. The pump must be professionally examined, debris cleaned away, the power cord looked at, and most important, water added to the pit to observe how easily it responds. If it quits or acts slowly, it might need to be serviced.

Outside water faucet

4. Repair toilet leaks

Your water bill may appreciate this move the most. A couple of simple inspections by a licensed service professional might save you water and help you avert a costly repair. Toilets usually leak nearby the flapper in the tank, which will wear down over time. A professional can also promptly check other parts inside the tank and around the whole toilet as well. The parts in the tank, in particular, are quite budget friendly; so, if hoses or washers look worn or the fill valve seems slow, all these components can be swapped out by a professional quickly and cost-effectively. And don't forget, ignoring even the most minor toilet repair today will only result in bigger, more expensive complications in the future.

5. It’s a great time to empty the water heater

Even though a water heater problem won't always feel like it’s as bad in the summer as it would be during colder months, it’s a bother all the same. If you haven’t emptied your water heater this year, you’ll want to take action before the summertime fun starts and showers are in high demand by guests. Water heaters accumulate minerals and sediment at the tank’s base, which may produce corrosion and the need for a water heater repair or replacement. A qualified plumber can complete this simple task for you while also attending to other maintenance tasks.

“A lot of these inspections may seem like common sense, but they can easily go overlooked when our lives get busy,” Richardson added. “You can schedule a certified professional to inspect all of your plumbing systems today. That way you can confidently plan your summer fun without the worry of unexpected surprises.”

All set to schedule a Komfort Air Service Experts technician to help get your home ready for the highest level of summertime fun? You can also check out our website today to learn about our seasonal maintenance specials and repairs.

Disclaimer: Source: GET Creative, a division of USA TODAY